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Hend Al Habtoor, an Emirati woman from Dubai, is the proud Founder and Creative Director of IDEATION Events and Design

Since a very young age, Hend was gifted with an artistic eye, which has since then grew into a great love and appreciation for art. Her natural talent and attention to detail can be seen in her countless drawing sand paintings over the years. She is a graduate of Bachelors in Fine Arts with a major of Graphic Design from the esteemed Zayed University. Hind is a real life example of never giving up on what you love. She never forgot her passion that she had since she was a little girl.

People who know her recognize her talent and have constantly come to her for advice on anything design related. If a family member or friend needed direction or ideas with a logo or an office or home design, Hind would be the go-to person. They merely share a basic idea, and she brings it to life in a way that exceeds their expectations and imagination. She is known for her unique and extremely elegant and sophisticated style. After years of networking and recognizing people’s trust for her striking taste, she has come to the decision to start IDEATION Events and Design. This happened with the addition of her daughters who have inherited her love and creativity in art and design, and who have as well graduated with Bachelors in Fine Arts from the American University in Dubai.

Hend has carefully selected her team after thoroughly reviewing their capabilities and ensuring that they possess the skills to execute each vision perfectly. She oversees aspects of all the different design areas of her company. She leads and coordinates between the necessary team members and works with professional experts in the field. To implement any project with high standards, quality, and client satisfaction is her priority. IDEATION Events and Design is a new and upcoming business that so far has experienced a lot of success with renowned and respected clients. As long as Hind’s artistic eye is the ongoing guide and inspiration, there is no doubt that this company will continue to flourish and create unforgettable masterpieces and will continue to aim for trust and satisfaction from both current and prospective clients.